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October 24-25, 2019 | Tokyo, Japan


Video presenter for Cardiology Conferences - William J. Rowe
William J. Rowe
Medical University of Ohio at Toledo, United States

Title: Hypertension and Myocardial Infarction Risk from Inhalation of Iron Brake Particulate Matter

Keynote Speaker for Cardiology Conferences -Tamer M A Mohamed
Tamer M A Mohamed
University of Louisville, USA

Title: Novel Approaches for Endogenous Heart Repair

Cardiovascular Conferences 2019
Stephen Kee
UCLA Health, USA

Title: Recanalization of the Superior Vena Cava and it’s tributaries in patients requiring Chronic Venous Access or Pacemaker insertion, techniques, tips, and safety

Speaker for Cardiology World Congress 2019
Patrick M. Moriarty
University of Kansas Medical Center, USA

Title: Treatment of Mild Cognitive Impairment Due to Alzheimer’s Disease or Mild Dementia of Alzheimer’s Type: Design and Rationale of the Randomized Pivotal Study of RenewTM NCP-5

Keynote speaker for Cardiology Conference 2019 -John Horowitz
John Horowitz
University of Adelaide, Australia

Title: Coronary artery spasm: pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment

Speaker for Cardiology World Congress 2019 - Jian Guan
Jian Guan
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Title: A novel biomarker for cardiovascular conditions

Keynote speaker for Cardiology World Congress 2019 -Richard Lim
Richard Lim
The University of Queensland, Australia

Title: Time to revisit TIMIng in Primary PCI for STEMI

Keynote Speaker for Cardiology Conferences -Marija Vavlukis
Marija Vavlukis
Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Title: Biomarkers guided therapy for risk stratification and prognostication of patients treated for Acute Coronary Syndrome

Oral Speaker at Cardiovascular Conference- Konrad Brockmeier
Konrad Brockmeier
University of Cologne, Germany

Title: Electrocardiogram of the neonate and infant

Keynote Speaker for Cardiology World Congress 2019 - Iveta Mintale
Iveta Mintale
P. Stradins Clinical University Hospital, Latvian University, Latvia

Title: Lifestyle management in cardiovascular prevention

Oral Speaker at Cardiology World Congress 2019- Christoph Schukro
Christoph Schukro
Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Title: Innovations and alternatives for MRI in patients with implanted cardiac devices

Ljilja Music
Clinical Center of Montenegro, Montenegro

Title: Predictors of Maintenance of Normal Sinus Rhythm After Successful Electrical Cardioversion

Keynote Speaker at Cardiovascular Conference - Zoltan Csanadi
Zoltan Csanadi
University of Debrecen, Hungary

Title: Atrial fibrillation ablation: Where do we stand now?

Keynote Speaker for Cardiology Conferences
Mekhman N Mamedov
National Research Center for Preventive Medicine, Russia

Title: Relationship of glycemic status, arterial hypertension and macrovascular complications: results of a multicenter cohort study

Cardiology World Congress 2019
Peter P. Nanasi
University of Debrecen, Hungary

Title: New aspects of regulation of cardiac action potential duration

Presenter at Cardiology Conference 2019 - Dinara Natkina
Dinara Natkina
Sechenov University, Russia

Title: Asymmetrical dimethylarginine in uncontrolled arterial hypertension

Presenter at Cardiology World Conference 2019 - Luiza Guilherme
Luiza Guilherme
Heart Institute, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Title: Vaccine against S. pyogenes

Keynote speaker for Cardiology Conferences -Naresh Ranjith
Naresh Ranjith
University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Title: What is new in heart failure?

Keynote speaker for Cardiology Conference 2019 -Kenji Inoue
Kenji Inoue
Juntendo University Nerima Hospital, Japan

Title: Establishment of a new prediction score in corporation with 0-hour/ 1-hour algorithm using high sensitivity troponin T suggest an optimal timing for coronary angiography in patients with chest pain

Speaker for Cardiology Conferences
Jae Won Lee
University of Ulsan College of Medicine, South Korea

Title: Clinical outcomes of Valve Sparing Root Replacement in Patients with Annuloaortic Ectasia

Speaker at Cardiovascular Conference - Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Max Super Speciality Hospital, India

Title: Young ST-elevation MI: profile and outcome

Keynote Speaker for Cardiology World Congress 2019 -Marouane Boukhris
Marouane Boukhris
University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia

Title: Impact of allopurinol on endothelial function in diabetic patients affected with coronary artery disease: Results from the randomized ALLIENCE trial

Oral Speaker at Cardiology Conference 2019- Jeffri Gunawan
Jeffri Gunawan
National Cipto Mangunkusumo State Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia

Title: New paradigm in pharmacological management of serum potassium levels in acute coronary syndrome: which cut-off is optimal and safe?

Keynote Speaker for Cardiology Conference 2019 -Karan Peepre
Karan Peepre
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India

Title: Role of Myocardial Perfusion imaging in the diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease

Oral Presenter at Cardiology Conferences - Lianyi Wang
Lianyi Wang
First Hospital of Tsinghua University, China

Title: Unusual intracardiac mass beyond common sense