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5th Edition of Cardiology World Conference

September 5-7, 2024 | Madrid, Spain

September 05 -07, 2024 | Madrid, Spain
Cardio 2024

Motahareh Ghodrati

Motahareh Ghodrati, Speaker at Cardiology Conferences
Qom University of Medical Sciences, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Title : Biomaterial modification technology for blood compatibility with oxygenators used in CPB and ECMO


Today, biocompatibility materials are used in the manufacture of various compounds such as metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites. Biomedical polymers are widely used in various synthetic medical devices such as membranes, CPB circuits, ECMO, and dialysis membranes, foams and surfaces. Regardless of composition, form and application, biomaterials are primarily in contact with blood and blood components; Therefore, the satisfactory biological interactions of the blood (decrease in activation and adhesion of platelets, activation of the coagulation-inflammatory system and finally the formation of thrombosis) are important. The widespread use of cardiac bypass systems (CPB), especially in ECMO, is often associated with damage to blood cells and plasma factors and thrombus formation; which leads to a decrease in system performance. The cornerstone of the production and application of biological materials for healthcare programs has existed since the 1980s, and its evolution has led to their wider and more useful use. Unfortunately, despite rapid advances in cardiovascular technology, none of the clinical materials used can meet all blood compatibility requirements, and no material has been accepted as a global standard yet. But there are ways to modify them to achieve a desired performance. The approach of this study is to present modified methods of surfaces and coatings used in all types of oxygenators, especially oxygenators used in cardiopulmonary bypass and ECMO.

Audience Take Away:

  • This presentation provides the audience with an in-depth understanding of the technologies used for enhancing blood compatibility with oxygenators in the context of cardiovascular surgery
  • The audience will learn about the need for blood-compatible materials, the various approaches used for modifying biomaterials to achieve this, and the challenges associated with their implementation
  • The presentation will also discuss the benefits of using these materials in clinical practice, such as reducing the incidence of clot formation and improving the quality of patient care
  • The audience will gain an understanding of the current state of the field and the future direction of development in this area


I introduce myself as a graduate from Shiraz University of medical science, Iran with specialization in cardiovascular technology (Perfusion and Bachelor of Science with anesthesia. I have 9 years of experience of Clinical trial in the field of cardiology and anesthesia. Currently, I have been working as a perfusionist in Shahid Beheshti Hospital in Iran. In addition, I presented sevesral lectures in national and International Cardiovascular Congress and congrfrence. I have served as an international reviewer for international cardiology and nursing journals Since 2020. My Interesting research are Cardiopulmonary Bypass, Myocardial protection, Ischemic heart disease, Inflammatory Response, Coagulation System, Platelet function.