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October 24-25, 2019 | Tokyo, Japan

Christoph Schukro

Oral Speaker at Cardiology World Congress 2019- Christoph Schukro
Christoph Schukro
Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Title : Innovations and alternatives for MRI in patients with implanted cardiac devices


Over the last decade, manufacturers of cardiac devices developed MR conditional devices for daily routine MRI in these patients. When following the recommendations of the manufacturers and the guidelines, these patients can be examined without a substantial risk of complications. Nevertheless, almost half of patients with implantable pacemaker or ICD have still non-MRI-conditional devices, which is du to the leads implanted before the MRI conditional era. 
Interestingly, some of the leads were declared MRI conditional afterwards. Especially, in patients with non-MRI-conditional devices we have to help our patients by using all available MRI alternatives, as this examination modality is absolutely crucial for the therapy planing in the majority of the concerned patients.

Audience take away: 

  • Update for MRI scans in patients with pacemaker & ICD
  • Alternative MRI scans in these patients
  • Learn how to deal with these patients before /after MRI


MD studies absolved in 2001 and PhD studies absolved in 2005 (both at Medical University of Vienna). Specialized in Internal medicine since 2009 and in Cardiology since 2012. Private-Docent (equivalent to Ass. Prof.) and Fellow of the ESC since 2014. Responsible physician for cardiac device therapy at the Medical University of Vienna.