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5th Edition of Cardiology World Conference

September 5-7, 2024 | Madrid, Spain

September 05 -07, 2024 | Madrid, Spain
Cardio 2024

Wang Dongyan

Wang Dongyan, Speaker at Cardiovascular Conference
Chongqing Red Cross Hospital, China
Title : Personalized care enhances quality of life for long-term tracheostomy patients



This study aims to provide an overview of recent research advancements in personalized care for tracheostomy patients and explore how personalized care can enhance the quality of life for patients with long-term tracheostomy.
Methods and Materials:

Through literature review, we selected recent research papers on personalized care for tracheostomy patients. The chosen literature covers a range of aspects, including respiratory therapy, pain management, infection control, and rehabilitation plans. The selected articles include empirical studies, clinical trials, and technological innovations.

Core of Personalized Care: The crux of personalized care lies in a comprehensive assessment of individual differences, including physiological, psychological, and social factors. In-depth understanding of patient needs allows healthcare teams to develop more targeted care plans. Personalized Respiratory Therapy: Key factors in improving ventilation effectiveness and comfort include adjusting tracheostomy tube size and shape, employing advanced ventilation equipment, and utilizing intelligent monitoring systems. Pain Management Strategies: Tailoring pain management plans based on individual patient perceptions and pain thresholds, involving medication, physical therapy, and psychological support. Significance of Infection Control: Implementing effective infection control strategies, such as regular tracheostomy tube replacements and maintaining respiratory tract hygiene, is crucial for preventing infections. Multifaceted Rehabilitation Plans: Designing personalized rehabilitation plans based on individual patient conditions, encompassing physical rehabilitation, speech therapy, and psychological rehabilitation, to enhance overall life functionality.

Personalized care for tracheostomy patients is pivotal in improving their quality of life during long-term retention. Through a profound understanding of individual characteristics and implementing personalized care strategies in respiratory therapy, pain management, infection control, and rehabilitation plans, significant enhancements in patients' life experiences can be achieved. Future research should delve deeper into the effectiveness of different care interventions to further refine personalized care plans for tracheostomy patients, providing more effective guidance for clinical practice.