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5th Edition of Cardiology World Conference

September 5-7, 2024 | Madrid, Spain

September 05 -07, 2024 | Madrid, Spain
Cardio 2023

Joao Rafael Rocha da Silva

Joao Rafael Rocha da Silva, Speaker at Heart Conferences
Connect Life Rehabilation And Performance, Brazil
Title : Pain as a potential impact factor in cardiac rehabilitation: Literature Review


Introduction: Cardiovascular Diseases are responsible for substantial damage to the health system, being the main cause of mortality in the world, just as Pain is the main cause of disability in the world. It is common for individuals diagnosed with both pathologies as well as other comorbidities, to be associated with a high risk of mortality. The study of pain in this specific population can bring us greater clarity on the impact it has on cardiac rehabilitation.
Objective: To identify studies that researched the impact of Pain in patients with Cardiovascular Disease, and to analyze the impact of pain on the rehabilitation of these individuals.
Methods: We performed an integrative literature review in the PUBMED database based on clinical practice, selecting studies that evaluated pain, functional capacity, quality of life, and treatment adherence, the studies were analyzed according to criteria of practice based on scientific evidence.
Results: A total of 380 studies using the search strategy, where 55 studies were selected after reading the title and abstract, and after analysis 23 studies were included according to the inclusion criteria.Despite the high relevance of the subject in the literature, there are still few studies with a high level of scientific evidence, which address the impact of Pain in individuals with Cardiovascular Disease, but primary studies have shown a direct correlation between the two pathologies, being associated with clinical worsening of these individuals, highlighting the importance of a better approach to Pain.
Conclusion: Pain is a common pathology among individuals with Cardiovascular Disease, decreasing functional capacity, and treatment adherence, and triggering changes in the autonomic nervous system, which can negatively impact cardiac rehabilitation.


Physical Therapist Joao Rafael Rocha da Silva, Postgraduate Degree in Sports Rehabilitation Orthopedics and Sports Traumatology CETE Federal University of São Paulo, Improvement in Interdisciplinary Pain Assessment and Treatment Hospital das Clínicas, USP Medical School.He published two works in 2022 "Manual Therapy in the Treatment of Pain" Revista Neuro Ciencias and "Assessment of the Transversus Abdominal Muscle in Individuals with Pain" Med Crave Neurology Journal.Presented the work "The impact of pain on the practice of physical exercises" International Heart Congress 2023 and "Manual therapy and segmental stabilization in the treatment of pain" International Conference on Neurology And Neurological Disorders 2023.work accepted for publication in the scientific journal Medicine and Clinical Science "Pain as a potential impact factor in cardiac rehabilitation: Literature Review."Scientific Reviewer.