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5th Edition of Cardiology World Conference

September 5-7, 2024 | Madrid, Spain

September 05 -07, 2024 | Madrid, Spain
Cardio 2022

Vinakshi Gomre

Vinakshi Gomre, Speaker at Cardiology Conferences
Max Healthcare, India
Title : Nursing care guidelines to prevent complication after cardiac and thoracic surgery


Perioperative nursing care refers to the care rendered by nursing Team during pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative stay of patients undergoing surgery. A patient undergoes different  experiences during these phases with much stress and anxiety during the hospital stay ever since onset of COVID pandemic. Cordial relationship between patient and nurses during these phases significantly improves the outcome. In pre-operative period  proper history taking & physical examination plays an important role in the patients  before surgery and ensures safer after surgery and rehabilitation plans . During Covid pandemic we always screen all patients for covid antigen and perform RT- PCR test  before the patient gets  admission in CTVS ICU .If any patient is reported positive then we transfer to Covid ward till recovery .We  always use integrated approach to treat the patient  that improves the patient’s health status as well as outcomes after surgery. By following all  covid guidlines we take care  of the patients to prevent   pre -op ,intra-op   & post -op complications by following written protocols meticulously and involving specialists from all allied specialities as and when required . During surgery all aseptic precautions   using PPE judiciously when required helped eliminating infection. Plan of surgery and steps were discussed by Team one day prior and immediately before surgery with Chief surgeon and back up plans were also decided beforehand to avoid unexpected surprises . Cardiaovascular & thoracic surgeries were performed without  complications within stipulated time and patients were safely shifted back to ICU ,handing over all details of intraoperative events to ICU nurse and Intensivist . In post -op we provided all necessary care which helps to improve the recovery of the patient day by day. Our most important duty for post op patients is to prevent  further complications by early anitiation of antipletelets drugs if the patient has no further risk of bleeding ,prevention of  pressure sores, maintenance of all peripheral & central lines with aseptic precautions, initiation of proper nutrition early , strict nursing care , early removal of ICDs ,aseptic dressing and early ambulation.   Management of  comorbidities and any complications included prompt involvement of intensivist and operating surgeon as well as any other concerned specialists.Pre discharge check lists were strictly followed and patients were given proper instructions for regular follow- ups . Those requiring rehabilitation or home care were handed over to proper trained Team for further care.
Guidelines directed nursing care protocols with  Integrated approach help in faster recovery of the patient, lowers risk of complications and improves outcome of patients undergoing Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery.

The audience will learn about -
Benefits of guideline directed nursing protocols for comprehensive management of patients undergoing  cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries
This knowledge will help the audience in taking care of patients at all stages including pre- operative , intra- operative and post operative period as well as during rehabilitation and follow- up .


Vinakshi Devi completed  Nursing from DR. RAJENDERA PRASAD GOVERNMENT MEDICAL COLLEGE  TANDA at KANGRA HIMACHAL PRADESH  and subsequently completed training as Physician Assistant in Cardiac Sciences at Max Superspecialty Hospital Mohali India . Currently working as Physician Assistant in Cardiomersion Cardiac team.She handles pre- operative and post operative follow-up of patients as well as assists Surgical procedures and takes care of Rehabilitaion also. Apart from this she is regularly involved in academics ,camps and research projects .