3rd Edition of Cardiology World Conference

September 14-15, 2022 | Virtual Event

September 14 -15, 2022 | Online Event
Cardio 2022

Elizabeta Srbinovska Kostovska

Elizabeta Srbinovska Kostovska, Speaker at Cardiology conferences
Elizabeta Srbinovska Kostovska
University Clinic of Cardiology, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of


Dr. Elizabeta Srbinovska Kostovska is a Head of the Diagnostic Center at the University Clinic of Cardiology, Skopje, Macedonia. She was a Head of the echolaboratory at the University Clinic of Cardiology in 2009, Head of the Department for semi-intensive care for inflammatory diseases of the heart in 1996, Head of interventional echocardiography in 1995, Begins to work in echolabaratoria and since then participated in the education and introduction of new modalities in echocardiography in 1987, Employed at the Clinic of Cardiology, Department of Valvular Heart Diseases and Inflammatory Diseases of the Heart in 1985. She was a member of the Research Council of the Scientific Session: Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences, President of Macedonian Society of Cardiology 2018-2022, Team Leader for the ECG at the Project of the Ministry of Health for education of primary doctors, 2014-2016, Coordinator for cardiology and implementation of education for the employees of the Emergency Medical Services, project of the Ministry of Health.