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2nd Edition of Cardiology World Conference

September 17-18, 2021 | Paris, France

September 17-18, 2021 | Paris, France

Michi Sitepu

Speaker for Cardiology Conference 2021- Michi Sitepu
Michi Sitepu
University of Padjajaran, Indonesia
Title : Variation in Clinical Manifestations of Left Atrial Myxoma Patients: Serial case report


Background :

Cardiac myxoma is rare case and common primary cardiac tumors. It usually develops in the left atrium (LA). LA myxoma may cause a difference in clinical presentation depends on the size, location, and mobility of the tumor.

Case Descriptions

Data collected from 2017 to 2019 cased based on Hasan Sadikin Hospital. Fourteen case were diagnosed based on the clinical, electrocardiographic, radiological, and histopathological basis. Ten patients were women (70%) and 4 patients were men (30%). The mean of age was 50 year old. Fifty percent of the presenting symptoms were cardiac origin  (exertional dyspnea 43 %, palpitation 7 %), whereas systemic embolism accounted for 50 % ( cerebral 36 %, peripheral 7 %, loss of visual acuity 7 %). The mean of mass size was 50 mm x 40 mm. A Radiological, Transthoracal Echocardiography (TTE), and histopathological basic  were performed to confirm all cases.

Discussion : 

Atrial myxomas are associated with the triad of complications, including obstruction, embolization, and constitutional symptoms. Obstruction symptoms related to disturbance blood flow. The release of cytokines that result in constitutional symptoms such as fever, anorexia, and weight loss.

Conclusion :

This series of case reported fourteen intracardiac tumor patients who were found through TTE and 6 patients had open heart surgery for tumor resection. There were no reported post-treatment complications and the patients were discharged hemodynamically stable after hospitalized for approximately one week. There have been no reports of recurrence in patient who have taken resection and normal daily life activities. Four patients died before surgery, three patients refused for surgery, and 1 patient is waiting for surgery.



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