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2nd Edition of Cardiology World Conference

September 17-18, 2021 | Paris, France

September 17-18, 2021 | Paris, France

Mikhail Rudenko

Speaker for Cardiology Conference 2021- Mikhail Rudenko
Mikhail Rudenko
Russian New University, Russian Federation
Title : Implementation of the fundamental theory of cardiometry in diagnostic and therapeutic devices


The fundamental theory called cardiometry is implemented in two high-performance medical devices. First, the cardiology diagnostic device "Cardiocode" is based on the method of the cardiac cycle phase analysis. The method is based on the mathematical description of the formation of a special flow mode in heart expressed by Poyedintsev-Voronova formula. Simultaneous single-lead ECG recording and the rheogram of the ascending aorta in combination with the above method allows the most accurate assessment of functional status of the cardiovascular system for early detection of disease and evaluation of the therapy effectiveness.

"Cardiocode" records the parameters of each of the ten cardiac phases, as well as qualitatively assess a large number of parameters of the cardiovascular system, for example, the function of the aortic valve and its elasticity, the contraction function of the myocardium, the presence of stenosis in large blood vessels and threats of pre-stroke conditions.

For the first time, using only one lead ECG for a few minutes and in all conditions, it is possible to accurately determine the following parameters:

- all the characteristics of hemodynamics, which accurately indicate absolutely any problem of the heart, that other devices still cannot record

- at the same time, evaluated is the heart muscle metabolism, i.e. such parameters as oxygen, lactate and phosphocreatine

- appearance of signs leading to future sudden cardiac death

- type of adaptation reaction of the immune system according to L. Garkavi’s law

- cardiometric heart expectancy

The device has all the required licenses and certificates. Approved for use both in Russia and the EU.

   The second device is therapeutic. The spectral characteristics of ECG are the basis for the signals of influence on the organism. As explained earlier, an ECG forms the neurons action potentials related with the sympathetic and parasympathetic system. This is due to the adaptation reactions laws. As founded by the researchers, millions of internal and external factors affect us, but our organism responds to them with only five adaptation reactions. These reactions regulate the immune system performance. The Ezh-2 (Energy of Life-2) therapeutic device is the first and still the only that can regulate the immune system and have a therapeutic effect on the soft tissue. Unique therapeutic device Ezh-2 (Energy of Life-2) is based on the application of an electromagnetic wave of low intensity exposure. By intensifying adaptation mechanisms inherent in the nature of a human organism, an acceleration of the recovery process at the intracellular level occurs. The device restores the resonant frequencies of all immune systems, as well as the structure of cell membranes. Cumulatively, this allows eliminating any pain and bringing the organism to a healthy level.

Ezh-2 is used for stroke prevention and treatment of post-stroke syndrome. Locally influencing on painful area it achieves consistently positive results in the elimination of post-MI and joint pain, sore throat with colds, normalizes the gastrointestinal tract function, treatment of wounds and other ailments.

The device has all the required licenses and certificates.


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