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Zumrut Tuba Demirozu

Oral Speaker at Cardiology World Congress 2019- Zumrut Tuba Demirozu
Zumrut Tuba Demirozu
Koc University Hospital, Turkey
Title : The role of mechanical circulatory support in advanced heart failure


Heart Failure (HF), is a well- recognized costly public health problem with high patient mortality.According to Interagency Registry for Mechanically Assisted Circulatory Support (Intermacs) Reports increasing number of  Ventricul  Assist Device (VAD) implantations and classified severe heart failure into seven subcategories to describe the patient status before VAD implantation.

Devices are divided for short-term and lon –term support where the indications are depended on patient status and quality and survival time after the implantation of the pump.

Heart Transplantation (HT) is the definitive therapy for advanced heart failure, but it is limited by the availibity of donor hearts and recipient criteria.Alternative treatment for advanced heart failure , mechanical circulatory support has gained important role in management of advanced HF.

For long term success of this treatment, indications,pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative management, fine-tunning of the pumps  and follow-up of the patients should be considered by the heart team.


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